Classically trained in the art of psychology with an emphasis on human-computer interactions.


Singapore, SG

The Beginning


Steve Ling developed a passion for tracing, drawing and eventually sketching fictional characters like Robotech, Voltron, Mask Riders, and Star Wars at the age of seven.  Since then he has grown to love observing people's reaction to art.


West Lafayette, IN

The First Venture


After finishing high school in Singapore American School, Steve graduated and started his bachelor degree at Purdue University with a concentration in Psychology.

As a junior at Purdue, he found himself a new interest in human factors with a focus on computer interactions.  At which point he worked under Professor Robert W. Proctor to conduct usability sessions to observe and document findings of student reaction time of noting objects on 8-bit computer screens.

Before graduating with a bachelor degree, Steve continued his focus on human-computer interaction psychology.  He also self-taught Adobe Photoshop and HTML which are the skillsets necessary for producing a class website for Professor Proctor's Psychology 505 for his students to manage class materials and track homework due dates.


Redwood City, CA

A New Challenge

1999 ~ Present

Continuing his interest and focus on the human-computer interactions, Steve discovered the world of web design and was able get a role to define interaction flows and design screens at a medium-sized startup called Asera doing B-2-B web services.

And since, he's never looked back and has grown with the vast and forever changing field of usability, design, and interactions.